Specialized Fiscal Issues

Fiscal Affairs Department Courses

These courses are taught by IMF Fiscal Affairs Department and topics include tax policy and administration, expenditure policy, public financial management, fiscal sustainability, strengthening fiscal institutions and managing risks, and medium term budgetary framework.

Courses Topics:

•  Fiscal Analysis and Forecasting (FAF)

•  Fiscal Institutions and Fiscal Discipline (FIFD)

•  Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks, Fiscal Rules, and Fiscal Councils: Options to Ensure Fiscal Sustainability (MTBF)

•  Public Financial Management Reform (PFMx)

•  Reforming Fuel Subsidies (RFS)

•  Strengthening Budget Institutions (SBI)

•  Strengthening Fiscal Institutions and Managing Fiscal Risks (SFR)

•  Tax Policy and Administration: Theory and Practice (TPAT)